martes, 25 de febrero de 2014

Rooms and furniture

We can use this vocabulary in your house with your family. Have fun and enjoy using your English words.

lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

WE are going to practise this in our English classroom

   When I say RED put your hands on your HEAD
               When I say BLUE put your hands on your SHOE
               When I say BLACK put your hands on your BACK
               When I say BROWN move your hands all AROUND
               When I say GREEN wipe your face very CLEAN
               When I say PINK just THINK THINK THINK!
               When I say PURPLE make two little CIRCLES
               When I say GREY say have a nice DAY

martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

Wild animals

You can review all these videos, to reinforce your learnings. You must be into account that all this kind of things are really important for their levels.

Preposition of the place

You can practise with your toys. Where´s the......? It´s .... the......
Use and practise in a funny way.

viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014